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The Keys of Hator
Egyptian Goddess workshops Goddess Hator workshops are a truly incredible journey into the temple of the within (The Self). Goddess Hator workshops are a wonderful opportunity and gift to receive the Wisdom, Love and Compassion of the Egyptian mystery school of Hator.
The Hathors are a timeless ascended civilization of beings of enlightenment. They share at this crucial moment in history and herstory their unique knowledge and understanding of the evolution of consciousness with their fellow brothers and sisters - the Human Race.

The Goddess Hator is an ancient archetypal Goddess of Golden Ages in Egypt. She is the Goddess of Love, Creativity and Celebration. The Goddess Sekhmet is her spiritual warrior aspect. Hator was the Sky Goddess of Egypt. The Hathors have impulsed mankind when light and wisdom have been required on this planet. The Hathors channel the wisdom teachings to pure souls within free will to spread Hator knowledge for quantum leaps in consciousness. (As the Hathors did in ancient Egyptian mystery schools along the Nile through the archetypal energy of the Goddess Hator).

What you will experience in this Master course 1:

-Learning to channel the energy of Hator (of Love and Celebration).
-The Pranic Tube and its importance for the four body system (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).
-Grounding and how to stabilize in chaos using Goddess Hator energy.
-Healing is feeling,,,emotional body clearing.
-Safe opening of the heart using Egyptian mystery school teachings of Hator.
-Connecting with the sacred elements from within and without for transformation.
-Sound and its healing secrets.

And much more……..

Hator workshops and the Hator Master level 1 course are highly recommended for Reiki Masters, Healers and anyone wishing to move forward at soul level at an accelerated rate.


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