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Karuna® Reiki

The Karuna® system of Reiki has been developed and copyrighted by Reiki Master William Lee Rand.
The symbols where channeled by a group of Reiki Masters. William experimented with them and found them to be extremely powerful.
Karuna® is a sanskrit word that means compassion with action balanced with wisdom. Ultimately we are all one energy, one conciousness and therefore as the Buddhists say, "We come back to serve all humanity till each being attains enlightenment"

The vision of Karuna® Reiki is "Your compassionate actions as pure as gold, come back to you a thousand fold".

Personally I have found teaching the Karuna® system of Reiki the most fulfilling and loving of energies. You will receive 10 powerful sacred symbols for healing and transformation.

Karuna® Reiki energy surrounds and embraces you with love unlike the Reiki energy, which comes through your heart and out of your hands.
Karuna® Reiki is the next profound step forward for Reiki Masters and is a great unifying system bringing together and honoring the diverse systems of teaching within the Usui/Tibetan steps to Mastership. Karuna® is a continuation of Usui Reiki. Karuna® Reiki energy opens you to work more closely with enlightened beings, the angelic realms and the Ascended Masters. Level 3a or Advanced Reiki Training students may receive practitioner level 1 & 2 of Karuna® Reiki. Usui Reiki Masters may receive full Karuna® Reiki Masters level 1 & Masters level 2 over 3 days.

Certification and Master manuals received from William Rand's center in America. I am a fully certified Karuna® Reiki Master and look forward to training you in this wonderous healing art.



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