Reiki Energy Mastery

  In London and other world destinations, with Sekhem Reiki Energy Master Teacher Rashmi Khilnani

Reiki Energy Master Training
A pathway to enlightenment

For Usui Reiki Masters or level 3a's to further deepen their path of clearing and further raise their healing vibrations. Simon Tresylian a dynamic Reiki Master who teaches the world over has put together Reiki Energy Mastery (REM) with the vision for the unification and understanding of the major Reiki systems that have been channeled and are being used for healing the human race and raising consciousness on Mother Earth. This is a unique opportunity for those souls who are truly committed to their own enlightenment and the service of others, to receive a quantum leap in their soul journey. Each system of Reiki is connected and yet has its own unique frequencies, symbols and initiations coming together as one universal life force energy.

You may meditate on the next step of the seven comprehensive systems of Reiki taught in the REM and proceed accordingly.
Manuals and certifications are provided for Usui, Tibetan, Karuna, Raku Kei, Seichim, Seichem and original 7 Degree.
I wish to share this incredible journey of transformation and healing with my fellow travelers from around the world.

Courses provided in London, Denmark and other world destinations.
London contact Rashmi on +44 (0)207 370441
Denmark contact Timiann on +45 2831 9515


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