Reiki Energy Mastery

  In London and other world destinations, with Sekhem Reiki Energy Master Teacher Rashmi Khilnani

Raku Kei
The way of the fire dragon

This system originated in ancient Tibet and passed down from Lama to Lama. Raku Kei is thought by some to be an original source of Reiki lost for many centuries and then rediscovered by Dr. Usui in the late 1800's from the ancient Sanskrit texts.

This system truly embodies shamanic techniques to fully enter the meaning and the energy of each of the sacred elements : Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether.

A study and experiential understanding of the elements is essential for any Reiki Master wishing to further deepen their understanding and channeling of Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki).

Raku Kei, The Lightening Flash is a sacred symbol (energy) that grounds and connects us to a gigantic 5'th dimensional force. All the elements can be used to generate energy, thereby empowering and increasing our understanding of elemental energy. (The sacred elements are the building blocks of our manifest world)

This powerful energy system besides being experiential is ceremonial with wonderous symbols. Using and sharing ritual and intention with clear purpose is a sure way towards manifestation of greater harmony and integration of the elements and therefore of our lives, our bodies and our world.

This training is open to Reiki Masters within the Tibetan tradition as a degree of self mastery is required to regulate our breath and energy circulation. The attunement is in the way of the HA-AHI-WAI breath-fire-water ceremony. The ritual symbolizes the rebirth from the etheric into matter. The spirit of Fire enters the Water with the use of the Breath and when the Water is consumed the Fire is embodied.


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