Reiki Energy Mastery

  In London and other world destinations, with Sekhem Reiki Energy Master Teacher Rashmi Khilnani



The Seichem system has been developed by an american Reiki Master Kathleen Milner and it includes full Reiki initiations. Some of the symbols are contained in the Karuna system but the energy is experienced in a very different way.
The Seichem energy may be felt as sparkly, effervescent showers.
Seichem is a stand-alone system but it is also a highly recommended addition for Usui Reiki Masters. It has originated in ancient Egypt as have Seichim and Sekhem.

Seichem includes powerful additional initiations :
The Yod initiation is a Master level initiation, which connects the initiate to higher thought patterns and assists in Divination and deeply increasing intuitive ability.

Initiation into the Order of Melchizedik which is an ancient esoteric organization. This wisdom and energy was passed down by pure initiates from the Egyptian period via the Jews and the Essenes and then later taken to America. Once you are reinitiated (from a past life where you have already been a member) you have then regrounded your self in this life to this powerful universal healing ministry (The Order of Melchizedik).
Seichem is part of ancient mystery school teachings with a deeper understanding of the healing power of Reiki.



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