Reiki Energy Mastery

In London and other world destinations, with Sekhem Reiki Energy Master Teacher Rashmi Khilnani


  Seichim Reiki

Seichim Reiki is a system of Reiki with some of the traditional Usui symbols, powerful new symbols, connected to the Egyptian energy of Sekhem and a very different form of attunement.

It focuses deeply on the heart and the upper chakras. Hence it takes on a very spiritual flavour, vibrates with the principle of Unconditional Love and the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin.

Some of the powerful symbols assist with a greater opening of the third eye and the crown and strengthening our spiritual connection with Source.

This high vibrational system has two levels of initiations.
It is therefore not suitable for beginners to complete the whole Mastery at one time. It would require a staggered level 1 and level 2 followed later with extra symbols on request.

Suitable for Reiki Masters who wish to make quantum progress on the path with greater scope of the use of symbols and a deeper understanding of Forgiveness and Unconditional Love


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