Reiki Energy Mastery

In London and other world destinations, with Sekhem Reiki Energy Master Teacher Rashmi Khilnani




Sekhem is for those souls who want to make a quantum leap in consciousness.

Helen Belot reintroduced this ancient Egyptian energy system. Sekhem is not just a healing energy, it is a complete energy system that has been given to assist mankind to change their vibrational rate simply and quickly so that both the human race and Mother Earth may ascend to their higher purpose.
Sekhem energy is triggered through purity and intent of purpose and what you ask for is what you shall receive. The Sekhem energy is balanced, clear and loving. The Sekhem energy helps to integrate the male and female within and without - Egyptian alchemy. This high vibrational Sekhem energy works directly at soul level, teaches you to take total responsibility for your energy and life choices. The Sekhem energy is closely connected to the Goddess Sekhmet who brings it back to earth at times of change and transformation.

Anyone can learn the Sekhem energy system if they are interested in energy. Those used to working with high energy may receive level 1 & 2 together. After a period of integration and a gap of 6 months the advanced level of Sekhem may be taught. The Master level of Sekhem may be applied for in writing if you wish to teach at a later stage. Sekhem initiations are highly recommended for those on the path of enlightenment. With the Sekhem you will automatically be attuned into Reiki and Seichim at each level. Sekhem is an ancient system of wisdom as taught in the temples of early Egyptian times. Sekhem means "the power of powers" but always in a spiritual sense. Sekhem is a great gift from the Sirius star system, which acts as a parental aspect to Planet Earth, and mankind. Sekhem is an extremely high vibrational frequency energy and is very grounded and well balanced at the same time.


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