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    Advance Sound Wave Energy Healing

  • Advance Sound-Wave Energy therapy adjusts the body's magnetic field for physiological and psychological improvement.
  • This advanced bio-energetic treatment produces positive results in individuals suffering from acute and chronic disorders.
  • This non-touch energetic therapy is a dynamic tool for personal transformation.

    Benefits to physical, mental and spiritual health

  • Release of stress
  • Improved overall health and well being
  • Release of emotional blocks and negative patterns
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Chakra re-balancing and realignment

    This energetic work provides a unique approach to reduction of stress with capabilities to reach emotions and attitudinal levels

    Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy
    By Rashmi Khilnani
    Reiki Energy Master, Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Teacher/Practitioner

    Introduced in 1995 Advanced Sound-Wave Energy is a dynamic tool for personal transformation. It uses vibrating inaudible sound waves via non touch application to work on the bodies subtle energy systems - the electrical waves around the body, the chakras, the bodies electromagnetic field and the polarized magnetic grid.
    Sessions last between 20 - 60 minutes, particularly working on stress, emotional issues, anxiety and decision making. Other practitioners and I have seen successful clearing with anything from a blister to fibroids in the uterus. This is pioneering work and we do not know the boundaries of this energy.
    As a Reiki Energy Master being introduced to this energy medicine modality has been exciting and rewarding, bringing it to Denmark for the first time is an honour and I wish to share this work with not only Reiki Masters but all those dedicated to personal transformation and the service of mankind.
    Master course Level 1 is available several times a year in Denmark in order to become a practitioner. It is a simple and magical experience.
    This work produces more positive emotions, reduces negative patterns and encourages overall balance of all energy functions. It has been found that it removes deep rooted fear from people in the first session. It helps bring about total integration of the mind and the body, resulting in grounding and simpelness of life. In most cases people feel peace, tranquility, calm and a deeper trust in their lives.
    The energy continues to work on the four body system (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) for several weeks or months.

    For courses, sessions and Rashmi's next trip to Denmark please contact Timiann Melissa Olsen (Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy Practitioner/Reiki Master) +45 2831 9515 or
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